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Diversity and Inclusion Matters!

When I first got interested in cartoons and comics when I was a child, I didn’t see characters or artists that looked like me so I realize how powerful an image it is to see people that look like yourself that are doing what you aspire to do.

The Color of Motion was started to highlight those professionals of color and diverse backgrounds in the industry of motion graphics, animation, VFX, cartoons and comics to talk about their journey in the industry, the need for more diversity and inclusion and to inspire others.

Our goal is that you too will be inspired to dream BIG and most importantly…



We've had some AMAZING guests on our show so far and always adding more. Here are just a few.

While we've had too many great guests to list them all you can click their image to check out the episode or you can check out all the great friends we've had on so far over on the channel.


Here are some of the awesome companies that have gotten behind the show and share in our vision of Diversity and Inclusion. Super excited about our partnerships and look forward to adding more. We’d love to see your name on here, so if you’d love to learn more about becoming a sponsor download our media kit and let’s talk!

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